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she’s a disaster. she loses faith in herself every day. her life is a mess and she doesn’t even care. no one understands her. and people say stuff to put her down and no one even notices that she might be breaking inside. or they never notice that maybe she needs a hug from someone. or someone to sit there with her and listen to her.
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You didn’t love her. You just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe, she was just good for your ego. Or, maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn’t love her. Because you don’t destroy people you love. Grey’s Anatomy (via hopestheanchor)

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When you get a really cute text and you are just sitting there smiling to yourself.


And then your mom or dad see you and are like “why are you smiling?”

Then your like “oh nothing”

And your parents are like “yeah right!” and they reach for your phone

and your like

as you run away to protect you and your phone. 

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There is always gonna be that one person, the one who got away, the one who fucked you up, the one who broke your heart, the one you swore you would love forever. That person, who becomes not even a person at some point, but becomes this overwhelming being, this sense of loss that you carry with you. They are not worth it. Seriously, stop crying right now. Maybe you cannot see it right now, maybe all the other stuff that gets tossed in the pile of human relationships make it very hard to see, but people who treat you badly, are bad.
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